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Can blockchain technology help secure election systems?
About me

Good ! My name is Erik Braun and I'm excited to be discussing this topic with you this .

Securing the election system is a critical topic as the very democracy that it represents is driven by a process always under attack.

Today we'll discuss the idea of utilizing block-chain technology to secure these critical processes.

What is block-chain?

A blockchain can be referred to as a transactional database or public ledger that is created and maintained by a network of computers/servers.

Computers and/or servers that power the network take turns verifying sets of transactions and adding them to the database, which are referred to as blocks. These “blocks” of transactions are mathematically linked to one another in a way that would resemble a chain, hence the name blockchain. Once stored in the database, these transactions are permanent and irreversible.

Perhaps this can be utilized in such a way to help secure votes?

While providing visibility and accountability into them.

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